Nine what to understand matchmaking for parents (and about internet dating parents!)

Single Parents’ Day is actually March 21st, and it’s really a delightful event so that the unmarried parents into your life know that the thing is just what a fantastic job they are doing or, if you should be one mother or father yourself, to give your self a (well-deserved) pat throughout the straight back. At EliteSingles we desired to celebrate by examining internet dating for parents: what makes it fantastic, and what you ought to know to make it better yet.

With that job at heart, we surveyed 580 Americans anonymously: solitary moms, unmarried dads, and people without kids, to find out nine factual statements about internet dating as a moms and dad (or matchmaking a moms and dad) in america.

As EliteSingles psychologist Salama aquatic notes “there is a common misconception that discovering love as one mother or father is much more challenging because having youngsters allegedly puts men and women off”1 and even, there is certainly some hurtful stereotypes about unmarried parents2 – specifically those from the internet dating scene. Happily, we can ignore these absurd myths towards an easy, delighted fact: all of our newest member learn provides announced that moms and dads are really, truly dateable.indeed, 91per cent of Us citizens will have no qualms after all about matchmaking somebody with young ones.

Salama describes “since this research shows, many folks are prepared for the idea of meeting unmarried parents. They have been perceived as independent plus knowledgeable, and later sharper as to what they truly are searching for in a relationship. This puts them at a certain benefit while looking for love.”


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